Entries by Danny Whittaker

Power and Responsibility

Dr. John Cromby joins us to explore the concept of power and responsibility in mental health, why the origins of psychological distress lies outside the individual, and why acknowledging the limits of our own personal power can actually prove quite liberating.

The Midlife Crisis

What does it mean to be middle aged, when does middle age start and why does it matter? In today’s episode Dr. Christopher Hamilton joins me to discuss the relationship between the midlife crisis and such things as loss of identity, the search for meaning, and the fear of death.

The Benefits of Doing Nothing

Author and leadership consultant Susan Pearse from Mind Gardener joins me to discuss the benefits of doing nothing, why some people find it difficult to relax, and why doing nothing is good for your health and career ambitions.

The Year of Less

Cait Flanders, of “Blonde on a Budget” fame, joins me discuss the links between consumerism, addiction and self-esteem, the challenges and benefits of decluttering your life, and also offers some tips and ideas on how to spend both your money, and your time, more wisely.