Tuesday, 19th June – 5pm (GMT)

What to expect, where to see it, and how to get involved!

What to expect

5pm – 6:30pm

Prof. Carmine Pariante and Dr. Joanna Moncrieff will debate and discuss some of the biggest and most contentious issues surrounding antidepressant medication.

6:30pm – 7pm

30 min audience Q&A.

Where to see it

Bookmark the following link:


From 4:45pm on the day of the event this link will take you directly to the YouTube Live page where the debate is being broadcast.

How to get involved

You can participate on Twitter. Use the #PsychLiveQandA hashtag to submit your questions.

Alternatively, click the hashtag to see questions already submitted and LIKE to up-vote your favorite question.

The most popular questions will be included in the Q&A portion!